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"Velocity™" Hybrid Cleanroom Systems
Confluence of Modular and Conventional Cleanrooms

florida cleanroom systems 093    Designed and engineered to further reduce high cleanroom construction cost by utilizing existing building systems and components. Florida Cleanroom Systems "Velocity™" V-2.625 or V-3.125 hybrid cleanroom systems can be integrated into existing rooms by maximizing the use of your facilities existing structural load carrying systems for suspending utilities, HEPA filtration systems, cleanroom lighting systems and cleanroom ceiling systems from existing structure.

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   "Velocity™" pre-finished and pre-fabricated low level return chases assure correct airflow distribution and air change rates and can be discreetly integrated into existing wall systems. Locating cleanrooms in corners or existing rooms can further reduce cost by utilizing existing wall systems while integrating modular wall systems where required by process functions or requirements for change rooms, ante rooms or air lock areas.   

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Advantages of "Velocity™" Hybrid Cleanroom Systems:
  • Custom Packaged Shipments, palletized or individually packaged components for either unloading by forklift or hand.  Modular panel components, non-palletized,  sized to fit through standard 3'0" x 6'8" door openings.
  • Designed and Engineered for DIY installations, with complete assembly drawings, shop drawings and installation instructions. Signed and sealed drawings available at additional cost for building department reviews. 
  • Reduced A/E Cost, factory generated shop drawings, details, and engineering calculations greatly reduce architectural and engineering cost associated with designing and engineering from scratch.
  • Reduced Construction Scheduling, time saving fully pre-fabricated and pre-finished wall frames and wall sections allow installation crews to work in 8' to 16' sections versus handling individual 4' panels.
  • Reduced Construction Cost, labor saving fully pre-fabricated and pre-finished wall sections install in 1/3 the time as conventionally constructed wall systems.
  • Reduced Utility Systems Cost, pre-wired modular electrical systems will  greatly reduce the cost when compared to conventional piping field installations of the same electrical components. Modular low voltage wiring systems and cat5 cabling systems along with flexible fire sprinkler systems further reduce field construction time and labor. All systems are fully relocatable with cleanroom structure.
  • Reduced VOC Emissions, Fully pre-finished components reduce VOC emissions within your facility due to no use of adhesives or paints.
  • Reduced Tax Liability, can be considered capital equipment instead of capital improvements; therefore, they can be depreciated at an accelerated rate. .
  • Reduced Safety Cost, modular systems install with 1/3 the labor required by conventional construction. Reducing personnel and associated insurance and safety cost.
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost, antifungal and antimicrobial components reduce the daily cleaning requirements with powdercoated finishes reducing the cost of refinishing systems over time.
  • Reduced Renovation Cost, expanding a modular cleanroom can be easily accomplished by taking off a wall and adding another module. The prefabricated design allows the room to be expanded, relocated, or reconfigured into a different shape or made into multiple smaller rooms.
  • Reduced Lease Termination Cost, modular cleanroom systems cause minimal impact on building systems and structure reducing return to origin cost associated with leased facilities.
  • Reduced Relocation Cost, modular cleanroom systems are typically 95% relocatable when the time comes to relocate to a new facility. You take it with you.
  • Consistent Fit and Finish, high speed manufacturing systems with quality assurance checkpoints assure consistent fit and finish of all components. 
  • CleanBuild Construction, pre-fabricated and pre-finished modular components minimize field cuts and fitting reduces the construction generated particulates normally associated with conventional construction. 
  • Fully Interchangeable Panel Inserts, allow for repositioning of solid, glass, door or pass through device panels of like sizes to accommodate changes in process flow or equipment layouts.
  • Clear View Floor to Ceiling Glass, or acrylic up to 10' high for maximized view of process and operational protocols. Allows for supervision of cleanroom processes and personnel without the need to enter the cleanroom environment.
  • Window Systems up to 120" wide without the need for horizontal post interruptions for gallery type views of cleanroom interiors. Allows for uninterrupted views for clients, supervisors, or inspectors.   
  • Manufactured to ISO, cGMP, FDA, USP-797 Regulatory Standards, to comply with ISO 14644-4 design and construction of cleanroom facilities.

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shadow   By minimizing the introduction of new components and the utilization of existing components Florida Cleanroom systems can mitigate high cleanroom construction cost through the use of epoxy coatings, liner panels, and utilization of existing utility runs by integrating the cleanroom environment into existing building floor plans.

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