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"Velocity™" Cleanroom Flush Glazing Systems
Avoid Particulate and Bioburden Entrapment

florida cleanroom systems 032    "Velocity™" cleanroom flush to one side glazing systems offer a flush glazing mounting system minimizing any particulate or bioburden entrapment areas while also minimizing air flow disruptions and maintenance cost and requirements.

   "Velocity™" window inserts can be inserted flush to one side with our two piece PVC gasketed flush to one side snap bead component engineered and designed to minimize gap tolerances between window glazing to panel transitions. 

"Velocity™" Window Glazing Assemblies We Offer:
  • 1/4" Clear or Tinted Tempered Safety Glass
  • 1/4" Clear or Tinted  Laminated Safety Glass
  • 1/4" Clear or Tinted Laminated Wire Glass
  • 1/4" Clear or Tinted PMMA Acrylic Glazing
  • 13/16" Clear or Tinted Insulated Safety Glass

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   Florida Cleanroom Systems "Velocity™" glazing vendors can laminate or tint to specific properties of shades if required. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have on additional custom glazing features. 

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