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"Velocity™" Conventional Seamless Cleanrooms
Seamless, Sanitary, Chemically Resistant Surface Finishes 

florida cleanroom systems 030  "Velocity™" conventional cleanroom systems produce seamless, chemically resistant surfaces for cleanroom walls, floors, and ceiling systems. Florida Cleanroom Systems seamless cleanroom construction can also accommodate molded cove covers on floors, walls, and ceiling edges to minimize particulate or bioburden entrapment areas. By further utilizing flush windows and door frames, entrapment areas are also reduced. By minimizing seams and joints greater bioburden control is established immediately. The advantages of minimizing bioburden in aseptic, pharmaceutical or USP 797 sterile compounding facilities result in the following benefits to the manufacturing process.
  • Reduces the challenge posed to the sterilization process (i.e., in sterile manufacturing) or to the finished-product bioburden (i.e., in non sterile production).

  • Reduces the chance that chemical contaminants from previous batches will come into contact with a product manufactured on the same piece of equipment.

  • Reduces the chance that chemical contaminants from cleaning agents will come into contact with a product manufactured on a given piece of equipment.
seamless cleanroom construction is available incorporating cleanroom specific doors, window, HEPA filtration modules, and lighting fixtures specifically designed and engineered for flush mounting to all surfaces. 

Advantages of Florida Cleanroom Systems Seamless Surfaces
  • Low Oder Applications
  • Ultra Low (VOC) Volatile Organic Compounds
  • cGMP, FDA, USP, USDA Compliant
  • Maximum Impact and Chemical Resistance
  • Unaffected by Temperature or Humidity
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Provides a Vapor Barrier
  • Airflow over Surfaces
  • Minimizes Dead Corner Spaces

  Florida Cleanroom Systems "Velocity™" seamless cleanroom systems are also the least cost method for renovating existing rooms into ISO class cleanrooms without the need to purchase expensive liner panel systems that require manufacturer specific windows and door systems. 

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