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"Velocity™" Cleanroom Utility Chase Systems
Flush Mounted Concealed Utility Piping Systems

florida cleanroom systems 028   Particulate entrapment areas created by typical surface mounting techniques for cleanroom utilities will also harbor bioburden and left over cleaning solutions and can lead to product contamination and drastically increased cleanroom  maintenance cost.

   Sanitary plumbing systems, process piping systems, electrical piping systems and low voltage piping systems exposed on the interior of the cleanroom environment require constant cleaning and sanitizing. Typical modular cleanroom systems do not allow for utility chases wide or deep enough to accept code compliant installation of these systems.

  "Velocity™" modular cleanroom wall systems allow for concealed flush mounting of the majority of piping systems required by process equipment and controls to mitigate contamination and maintenance requirements.

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Velocity Flush Cleanroom Utility Chase Advantages:
  • Conceals Unsightly Surface Piping Systems
  • 4" to 10" wide x 2.525" Inside to Inside Dimension
  • Reduces Particulate Entrapment Areas 
  • Reduces Bioburden Entrapment Areas
  • Reduces Maintenance Cost

   Concealed installation of piping chases in "Velocity™" utility chases allows for cleanroom construction and design without the need to double up wall systems resulting in reduced cleanroom budgets.

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