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 "Velocity™" Cleanroom Systems Manufacturing
High Speed, High Precision, High Quality

florida cleanroom systems 7   "Velocity™" cleanrooms are manufactured in a 200,000 square foot state of the art facility in Coconut Creek, Florida. High speed manufacturing process systems and high quality controls allow us to deliver one of the finer engineered modular cleanrooms assemblies available in this country.
  "Velocity™" cleanroom specific design and engineering allow us to present modern design and materials resistant to microbial growth, cleaning chemicals and impact abuse with full compliance to FDA, cGMP, USP, and ISO standards for cleanroom construction. 

  "Velocity™" flush cleanroom wall surfaces, windows, and doors, along with minimum gap tolerances between connecting components minimize maintenance requirements and prohibit the buildup of bioburden or cleaning solutions in joints and connecting surfaces.     

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Advantages of Velocity™ Cleanroom Systems Manufacturing:
  • Precision Cut Aluminum Milled Components,  minimizes gap tolerances and prohibits the build up of particulate, bioburden or cleaning solutions in joints of connecting systems.

  • Powdercoated Aluminum Alloy Type 6063-T6 Post and Channel Extrusion Systems,  highly resistant to impact, chemicals, UV and scratching minimize cleanroom maintenance requirements.

  • Thermal Break Post and Channel Systems,  allow for construction of conditioned spaces in non conditioned facility spaces without concerns for condensation build up.

  • 25' Continuous Base, Top, Intermediate, and Corner Channels,  minimize gaps in primary support channels for panel alignments, bioburden control,  and maintenance requirements.

  • .024 Gage Type 3005-H25 Aluminum facings,  (1) OR (2) PCF ASTM C-578-83 CARPENTER Brand EPS adhered to aluminum facings with ASHLAND CHEMICAL 2020D ISO Grip adhesive, provides 10 year warranty against delamination.

  • 15 Minute Thermal Barrier,  5/8" gypsum wall board or equal provides 15 minutes thermal barrier per UL1715 (Interior) or Class B (Exterior) panel to satisfy local code requirements.

  • Closed Cell PVC Gasketing Materials,  highly resistant to microbial growth, degradation, discoloration. Prohibits air pressure loss and leakage minimizing operation of cleanroom air handling systems.

  • Dual Closed Cell PVC Gasketed Door Systems,  provide positive seal against loss of pressurization, particulate intrusion, or air leakage contributing to excessive HVAC operations.

  • 1/4", Tempered Glass Safety Glazing's, available in 5/8" vacuum insulated, wire glass, tinted, or laminated assemblies per facility or local code requirements.

  • Standardized Component Sizes, allow for interchangeable panels, doors, and windows in like sized locations.

  • High Speed Manufacturing Equipment, allows for quicker ship dates with high speed assembly systems and automated vacuum presses.

  • Fully Detailed Shop Drawings and Installation Manual, allows for installation by in house personnel or the contractor of your choice.

  • Code Compliant Construction Engineering, optional signed and sealed engineered drawings to assure code compliant design and engineering to Florida Building Codes 2010

  • Individually Packaged and Shipped Components, allow for manual unloading without the need for a forklift or loading dock.

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  "Velocity™" modular cleanroom systems are available in standard or custom sizes to meet process flow and equipment requirements while maintaining ISO 14644 compliant air flow and particulate classifications.

  Cooling packages are an available as an optional component to assure temperature and relative humidity requirements for process functions or personnel comfort. 

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