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"Velocity™" Cleanroom Sealed Plenum Ceilings
Minimizing Ductwork while Maximizing Air Flow

florida cleanroom systems 042   Cleanroom air flow designs can be dictated by process requirements, ISO cleanliness classifications, cleanroom zoning, or budgetary constraints. All designs whether direct duct, plenum supply, ambient recirculating or single pass still must deliver the particulate, temperature, relative humidity and pressurization controls to meet process functions or requirements.

   Plenum supply air flow distribution systems offer the ability to supply conditioned air into a recirculating cleanroom environment without the requirement of direct ducting to individual filtration modules. They can also offer a wider distribution of particulate free air when designed with inline HEPA bank systems and perforated ceiling tiles.

   "Velocity™" sealed plenum supply cleanrooms are often time the easiest way to introduce a recirculating cleanroom environment into an existing facilities floor plan without the requirement of an expensive directly ducted supply and return system.      

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Advantages of "Velocity™" Plenum Supply Cleanroom Systems:
  • Minimizes Duct Distribution Systems
  • Can Maximize Clean Air Coverage
  • Reduces Stratification of Clean Air Stream
  • Easily Integrated into Existing Facilities

   "Velocity™" pressurized plenum supply systems can be configured with panelized roof systems with R-Vales up to R-21 offering higher thermal efficiency with less particulate intrusion possibilities than sealed fiberglass. 

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