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"Velocity™" Cleanroom Low Level Air Returns
Controlling Air Flow, Particulate, Temperature and Relative Humidity

florida cleanroom systems 041   Cleanroom air flow, temperature and relative humidity control, and particulate concentration demand low level air returns. Cleanroom low level returns facilitate the removal of particulate through correctly engineered air change rates, non-stratification of air flow patterns, and pre-filtration of larger particulates.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems "Velocity™" low level return air plenums  offer a fully insulated horizontal plenum area which reduces mechanical HVAC air distribution systems cost. Easily installed on either the interior or exterior of the cleanroom they can be positioned to accommodate cleanroom process equipment requirements while assuring correct air flow patterns throughout the cleanroom environment.       

"Velocity™" Low Level Air Returns Advantages:
  • Creates Correct Air Flow Patterns
  • Removes Particulate and Heat Load from Cleanroom Interior
  • Prevents Stratification of Cleanroom Air Distribution 
  • Assist in Maintaining Temperature and Relative Humidity Tolerances
  • Fully Insulated Design can have Static or Electronically Controlled Return Air Grills
  • Fully Intergrates with Cleanroom Air Distribution Ductwork Systems

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   "Velocity™" low level return sizes and locations are determined by our mechanical engineers to allow for process equipment location, air change rates, and HEPA filter ceiling module locations. They can return air flow back to the air handling systems for treatment or in the case of a pressurized plenum design allow it to recirculate though the HEPA filtration modules to maintain cleanroom particulate levels. 

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