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"Velocity™" Entry / Egress Systems
Static Swing, Automatic Swing, Dual Gasketed

florida cleanroom systems 033  Cleanrooms, change rooms, ante rooms and air locks all require entry and egress doors that facilitate and monitor the movement of cleanroom personnel throughout the cleanroom process zones.

   Pressurization irregularities, cross contamination, cleanroom personnel movement, cleanroom materials movement and  gowning protocol can all be monitored and controlled by the correct combination or door systems, access control systems, and monitoring software systems.   

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"Velocity™" Cleanroom Entry Egress Door Systems We Offer:
  • Powdercoated, Fiberglass, PVC, or Stainless Steel Finishes
  • Full Height, Half Height Glazing Systems, Safety, Wire, or Insulated Glass
  • Single or Double Swing, Static or Automatic
  • Single or Double Sliding, Bi-parting, or Stacked One Side
  • Insulated High Speed Roll Up Doors
  • Fully Gasketed, Hermetically Sealed Frame Assemblies
  • Magnetic Interlocking Devices
  • Push Button, Card Reader, or Biometric Controls
  • Computer Controlled Locking and Monitoring CCTV Systems


   High value inventories, cross contamination controls, and cleanroom process zone separations can be controlled and monitored to avoid pilferage, contamination, or movement by unauthorized means. 

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