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Turnkey Cleanroom Construction Services
Full Service General Contracting Services

florida cleanroom systems 062    Florida Cleanroom Systems practices turnkey cleanroom construction contracting with an emphasis on the design build construction method to allow our cleanroom clients input throughout the entire cleanroom project to be the driving force through the final validation and certification of all equipment and systems.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems offers full nationwide turnkey construction services throughout the United States  with full design build capabilities to bring your cleanroom concept to completion within the scope of work and regulatory agency requirements. While some construction firms maintain rigidity over utilization of their own staff or group of ISO Class cleanroom construction subcontractors we have had many positive experiences utilizing in-house cleanroom subcontractors recommended to us by our various clients.

   As much as possible we have found utilization of local subcontractors and vendors a bonus to our clientele with any warranty or service work in the future being in the hands of the companies that participated in the original cleanroom design build program. This serves multiple purposes when a systems shutdown or part failure requires immediate remedy and even a two day travel delay cannot be tolerated. Our threshold inspection and quality assurance program instituted by our cleanroom architectural and engineering group assures all subcontractors preform to the written specification and project drawings.

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Turnkey Cleanroom Construction Services We Offer:

Phase 1: Preconstruction Consultation — Site Analysis, construction budget analysis, development of preliminary sketches, feasibility studies, and alternate venues.

Phase 2: Preliminary Design/Project Budgeting — Preliminary development, concept design, space planning. Develop a detailed project budget based on preliminary pricing with contractors.

Phase 3: Final Design Development/Construction Documentation — Further concept development, material, finishes and detail design; review meetings during the progress of the work; permit and construction drawings and specifications.

Phase 4: Final Pricing/Negotiation — Obtaining final pricing with contractors and fabricators, negotiation of final construction contract.

Phase 5: Construction Contract Administration — Construction of the project, project management, quality control, systems validations, certifications and commissioning.  

   Continuous on site project management, specifically experienced  in ISO Class cleanroom construction with clean build construction techniques assure  FDA, cGMP, CFR, and USP compliance with all systems and components of the cleanroom environmental envelope along with OSHA, EPA, and local code compliance inspections and acceptance. 

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