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"Siemens®" Cleanroom Fire Detection Systems
Complete Solutions for Safe and Secure Cleanrooms

florida cleanroom systems 050    Cleanrooms need to have high air exchange rates, rapid air velocities and directed airflows in order to minimize particle concentration. Particles are flushed away with clean air. However, this concept makes it much more difficult to detect a fire, since ceiling-mounted fire detectors would detect a fire
much too late during operation.

   Siemens uses the following measures to increase reliability and early detection: The fire detectors use special clean room parameter sets that are designed for ultra-clean environments, while room air samples are actively extracted at suitable points in the clean room and tested for miniscule smoke particles.

   A comprehensive safety concept can help maintain a reasonable level of safety. Siemens Building Technologies offers this type of concept from a single source: comprehensive fire and gas detection, specific extinguishing solutions for room and object protection, extensive experience with explosion-protected installations and a great deal of additional safety through innovative voice evacuation, to name just a few examples. Additional safety systems such as video surveillance and access control equipment can further enhance clean room protection.

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Florida Cleanroom Systems Life Safety Engineering Services:
  • Fire detection - fire alarm systems and brigade call systems
  • Active fire protection - fire suppression systems
  • Passive fire protection - fire and smoke barriers, space separation
  • Smoke control and management
  • Escape facilities- Emergency exits, Fire lifts etc.
  • Building design, layout, and space planning
  • Fire prevention programs

   For sensitive, high valuable goods, the cleanroom is at the center of production. Any contamination by substances such as dust particulates, microorganisms or smoke can disturb the sensitive production processes.
In addition to product quality, personal safety is a major challenge. Active agents in pharmaceutical production facilities, dangerous pathogens in a security lab, flammable cleaning substances and toxic chemicals in a semiconductor plant are fundamental safety risks for staff and the environment alike. Because the potential dangers are unavoidable, they must be reliably brought under control.

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