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PortaFab Modular Cleanroom Systems
The Portafab Advantage

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    PortaFab designs and manufactures modular cleanrooms and cleanroom building components that service the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and micro-electronics industries as well as a general applications that range from food processing to paint finishing. Our products are used by many of the world's leading manufacturers and research institutions due to the quality and flexibility of our products as well as our firm's extensive experience, comprehensive product line, and nationwide installation. A gallery of completed projects may be viewed in our projects section.  


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   For over 30 years, PortaFab has been helping organizations with all of their cleanroom and environmental control needs. Our staff of design engineers and cleanroom design consultants are an asset to architects and general contractors who lean on us to deliver, functional and cost effective solutions.


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Comprehensive Product Line

   With the industry's most complete line of architectural cleanroom components, PortaFab provides unlimited design freedom without sacrificing functionality or value. The PortaFab line includes 3 distinct wall systems with numerous components to ensure that you have the right products for your cleanroom application. Various components of each wall system integrate with each other as well as a selection of windows, ceiling systems, and doors.


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Nationwide Installation

US Map  Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards extends to our national network of specialized cleanroom contractors. All of our contractors maintain the highest quality control programs to assure compliance with all critical standards. As independent contractors, they choose to work with PortaFab because our systems are the most cost effective products for constructing quality cleanrooms

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