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"One Source" Design Build Construction
Single Source, Minimum Responsibilities, Maximum Quality Controls

florida cleanroom systems 8  One source design build construction by Florida Cleanroom Systems allows for minimum responsibility on the clients end with Florida Cleanroom Systems responsible for all  design and construction phases from conception to completion. Regular maintenance and hurricane preparedness solutions can also be provided per your process and cleanroom standards of operation.

   One source design build construction solutions allow you and your staff to focus on your business requirements and serves not to overburden you or you staff in construction meetings and details leading to loss of existing production or focus.  

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"One Source" Design Build Services:
  • Feasibility and Cost Analysis Studies
  • Building Codes and Regulatory Compliance Studies
  • Conceptual Design and Drawings
  • Final Design, Drawings, and Specifications
  • Materials Analysis, Selections, and Procurement
  • Subcontractor Selection and Contract Administration
  • Safety Plan Administration to OSHA Standards
  • Quality Controls and Assurances per DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ Protocols
  • Fast Track Project Scheduling and Management
  • Project Management per Installation Specifications
  • Close Out Inspections and Final Certifications or Building Commissioning per Agreed Specifications
  • Maintenance Programs Design and Implementation
  • Hurricane Preparedness Programs and Implementation

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"One Source" Design Build Advantages:
  • Single Source Responsibility, minimizes meeting times and time interruptions to you and your personnel's schedule. Allows you to do what you do best while we do what we do best.

  • Quicker Design and Project Start Time, in accordance with all codes and regulatory standards. Actual construction can begin with primary design phases before completion of the secondary design phases and building department reviews.

  • Fast Track Construction Scheduling, integrating all construction processes under one team allows for time compression of all interrelated construction phases.
  • DQ, IQ, OQ,PQ, Quality Assurance, for all construction materials, equipment, and workmanship involved in all construction phases to be ISO, FDA, cGMP, USP-797 compliant.

  • Lower Construction Cost, than typically associated with design, bid, build construction scenarios.

  • Continuity,  the design-build team is involved from start to finish, which adds an inherent efficiency. The chance for things to fall through the cracks is greatly diminished.

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   Florida Cleanroom Systems can custom tailor our one source design build program to meet specific requirements and functions for the design and construction of all cleanroom environments.  From ISO Class 9 to ISO Class 1 particulate requirements with low tolerance temperature and humidity controls. Florida Cleanroom Systems can design the cleanroom environment to meet your specifications for cleanliness, airflow, static temperature, and relative humidity controls.
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