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florida cleanroom systems 057    It is important to note the various entities associated with modular cleanroom systems procurement and the responsibilities of each entity to assure a positive design build experience with modular cleanroom procurement and construction.

   Manufacturers, depending on the system specified, may sell directly, or through a designated distributor or state licensed building contactor. Purchasing directly through a manufacturer may leave a gap in support coverage when constructing modular cleanroom systems or schedule delays while waiting for parts or additional components for unanticipated field conditions. Very few manufacturers can offer assistance with budgeting for code compliance, construction cost or scheduling.      

   Distributors may or may not offer installation or licensed and insured  construction services and may not be experienced in the system and intricacies of assembly that are required by the specified modular system. This can lead a gap in support coverage when constructing modular cleanroom systems or schedule delays while waiting for parts or additional components for unanticipated field conditions.

   Licensed Building Contractors typically will provide material cost, construction cost, and scheduling, and assure only code compliant construction materials and techniques are utilized during the construction of the cleanroom environment. They will also assure that the correct liability and workman's compensation insurances are in place and in accordance with the construction work being preformed. Workman's compensation insurance should be validated as construction insurance and not equipment installation insurance. To further assure complete support you should insist on previous experience with the specific  modular cleanroom systems procured.

   Architects, should specify and assure code compliance of all modular materials and construction techniques, engineering, and validations for certification of all materials associated with the cleanroom construction process. Failure to secure an architect with extensive modular cleanroom construction experience can lead to stop work orders from local inspectors from  municipalities till life safety  and local fire codes are complied with.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems, with over 25 years of expertise in the designing and building of ISO Class cleanroom environments assures code compliant construction, cGMP, FDA, CFR, USP-797 compliant cleanroom environments, and on time construction scheduling when secured as the design build agent on any of our cleanroom construction projects. Design build being defined as having all construction processes from initial design through final validation and certification under our contract.  
  • Single-source responsibility
  • Greater process control, with costs established sooner
  • Reduction in overall construction schedule
  • Improved risk management
  • Greater cost-effectiveness

Cleanroom Design Build Services We Offer:

Phase 1: Preconstruction Consultation — Site Analysis, construction budget analysis, development of preliminary sketches, feasibility studies, and alternate venues.

Phase 2: Preliminary Design/Project Budgeting — Preliminary development, concept design, space planning. Develop a detailed project budget based on preliminary pricing with contractors.

Phase 3: Final Design Development/Construction Documentation — Further concept development, material, finishes and detail design; review meetings during the progress of the work; permit and construction drawings and specifications.

Phase 4: Final Pricing/Negotiation — Obtaining final pricing with contractors and fabricators, negotiation of final construction contract.

Phase 5: Construction Contract Administration — Construction of the project, project management, quality control, systems validations, certifications and commissioning.  

Fast Track Project Management Services We Offer:
  • Phased Building Department Submittals
  • Project Scheduling Compression
  • Sequential Parallel Scheduling  
  • Project Resource Management 
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Project Crashing

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