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Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
Development of Recommended Practices and Standards

florida cleanroom systems 016   IEST is an international, technical society of engineers, scientists, and educators that serves its members and the industries they represent (simulating, testing, controlling, and teaching the environments of earth and space) through education and the development of recommended practices and standards.

   ISO 14644 Standards were first formed from the US Federal Standard 209E Airborne Particulate Cleanliness Classes in Cleanrooms and Clean Zones. The need for a single standard for cleanroom classification and testing was long felt. After ANSI and IEST petitioned to ISO for a new standard, the first document of ISO 14644 was published in 1999, ISO 14644-1.

Contamination Control Institute Standards Development


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Designing a USP 797 Compliant Compounding Pharmacy

   Stop contamination before it starts. Implementing a sterile compounding pharmacy begins with designing a compliant cleanroom. In this course you will learn the basic considerations for the design and environmental control of a compounding pharmacy that is in compliance with USP 797 requirements.

   In 2000, ISO 14644-2 was published, which began the process of FED-STD-209E being canceled. The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) released a Notice of Cancellation for FED-STD-209E, Airborne Particulate Cleanliness Classes in Cleanrooms and Clean Zones, on November 29, 2001 and FED-STD-209E was then superseded by ISO 14644-1 and ISO 14644-2.

  In December 2010, revisions of ISO 14644-1 and -2 were released as Draft International Standards. Click here for more information on the new revisions and what this means to the contamination control community.

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