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HEPA Filter Bank or HEPA Ceiling Modules
Cleanroom Filtration Engineering Solutions

florida cleanroom systems 059   HEPA or ULPA filtration systems determine and maintain the ISO cleanliness particulate classification of the total  operational  cleanroom environment. Filter grades, number of filters or banks, air change rates, and filter structure all play significant roles in filtering the correct size and number of particulate for process functions to operate within specified tolerances. 

   Ceiling mounted HEPA filtration modules or in line HEPA bank filtration systems have design differences that ultimately will affect cleanroom construction cost, airflow  and cleanroom maintenance requirements.

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   Ceiling mounted HEPA or ULPA filtration modules offer protection directly below and at the cleanroom ceiling level for unidirectional flow or laminar airflow throughout the cleanroom environment. There must be adequate space above the cleanroom ceiling system to accept the direct duct air distribution systems or plenum depth required by the ceiling mounted HEPA filtration modules. Inadequate depth of the plenum can drastically affect cleanroom airflow through incorrect duct sizing and flow or space required for airflows to mix thoroughly.

   Maintenance on ceiling mounted HEPA filtration systems almost always requires a shutdown, cleaning, and recertification of the cleanroom if filters are changed or replaced. Depending on filter selection, disposable or room side replaceable, the shutdown time for maintenance can be a hindrance to cleanroom operations scheduling.

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   HEPA bank inline systems offer lower filtration module coast and quicker maintenance scheduling with the advantages that the filters are out of harms way should a complete cleanroom wash down be required by process functions or changes. Depending on the cleanliness classification of the cleanroom environment the sizes and depth of the HEPA banks may not be a solution on higher classifications of cleanrooms.

   Cleanroom environments must still be recertified after a HEPA bank filter change and final cleaning but the saving in maintenance scheduling and downtime can be of benefit to many cleanroom operations.         

Cleanroom HEPA Filtration Engineering Services We Offer:

  • Airflow and Air Change Volumes and Rates
  • Particulate Mapping and Distribution
  • Filter Selection Specifications
  • Airflow Stratification Mapping 
  • Airflow Particulate Gradients
  • Final Cleanroom Validations and Certification  

   Selecting the most advantageous HEPA or ULPA filtration solution needs to be matched to the cleanroom volumes and process functions with focus on construction cost and maintenance requirements affecting the final  cleanroom  operational parameters. 

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