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Healthcare Medical Gas Piping NFPA 99 2012
Assuring Patient Safety

florida cleanroom systems 054   Medical gas piping systems are responsible for supplying oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, medical compressed air (MCA), and carbon dioxide to designated areas of a healthcare facility.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems assures only certified medical gas piping installers who are fully trained to meet the American national standard for health care facilities -- ANSI-NFPA 99 -- a code put forth by the American National Standards Institute and the National Fire Protection Association are onsite during medical gas piping installations. 

Medical Gas Piping Installations We Offer:

  • Oxygen (O2)
  • Nitrogen (N2)
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O)
  • Medical air
  • Medical vacuum
  • Cryogenic liquids
  • Less common gasses used are:
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Helium (He)
  • Ethylene (C2H4)

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   Medical gas piping must be clearly identified using non removable stickers that are color coded according to the gas. Colors are standardized according to the code provisions in your area and should be spaced along the pipe, no more than 6m apart and also at every valve, at each access door and at each service connection.

   The following tests must be completed before putting the system into service:

  • Pressure testing
  • Cross connection test
  • Concentration test
  • Contaminant test
  • Flow test

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