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Florida Cleanroom Systems Warranty
Standing Behind Products and Services

florida cleanroom systems 079    Florida Cleanroom Systems Limited Warranty - All products sold, except those subcontracted to or by other trades or manufacturing companies, shall have the following limited warranty:

    Florida Cleanroom Systems warrants that the products manufactured  by Florida Cleanroom Systems shall be free from defects in workmanship and material for (10) years on cleanroom structural components and (1) year on installation or construction services after delivery to the end user.

   Warranty does not apply to standard cleanroom maintenance items or services for doors or ceiling systems due to settling after the construction phases. Door adjustment due to settling or cleanroom equipment move in will be charged as service call per time and materials required.    

   Written notice on any claim defect must be furnished in writing within (30) days of knowledge of same. Upon satisfactory demonstration of the merits of the claim, Florida Cleanroom Systems will, within a reasonable time, make any necessary repair or correction, or at the option of the Florida Cleanroom Systems, replace defective article free of charge.

   Charges for correcting defects will not be allowed, unless Florida Cleanroom Systems is first notified in writing and the correction is authorized in writing. Any and all charges to correct an item shall be limited to the amount charged for that item, all amounts in excess of that amount shall not be covered by this warranty or reimbursed by Florida Cleanroom Systems.

  This warranty will not apply to defects caused by improper installation or to any Florida Cleanroom Systems products which have been repaired or altered by anyone other than Florida Cleanroom Systems, with Florida Cleanroom Systems written consent, or which have been subject to misuse, neglect or accident.

LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE NOT SPECIFIED HEREIN, ARE MADE BY  Florida Cleanroom Systems, and this paragraph sets forth the full extent of the liability arising from the Florida Cleanroom Systems, use or sale of the products, and materials sold hereunder. No allowances will be made for delays or loss of profit, nor for any special indirect or consequential damages or injuries, whether based on tort or contract.

If you have a service issue, please review the above warranty carefully, then contact Florida Cleanroom Systems at (964) 249-6243 or email: info@flqes.com.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE ANY REPAIRS OR MODIFICATIONS TO OUR PRODUCT WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION. Failure to contact Florida Cleanroom Systems first and receive our written authorization could VOID your warranty. Claims made for work performed without our authorization will be denied.

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