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Florida Cleanroom Systems Heat Load Analysis
Determining Heating and Cooling Loads

florida cleanroom systems 090    A Heat load analysis of existing facility ambient conditions as well as new cleanroom process equipment is required to quantify the contributions of building components such as roofs, walls, windows, infiltration, outside air, lighting, equipment, and people to the aggregate cleanroom heating and cooling loads.

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  The largest contributors to cooling loads in cleanroom environments are  lighting, filtration, and process equipment. Because of the large ventilation airflow rate of clean room, strict control of temperature, humidity and pressure, the constructive cost and energy cost for per square meter area are much higher than traditional air conditioning room. The energy cost per square meter of clean room is about 10~30 times greater than common air conditioning building. Therefore, designers and owners pay much more attention to the energy cost condition of clean room air conditioning system.

   Accurately analyzing the all contributing heat load factors, ambient conditions, process equipment, number of personnel, personnel flow and process flow in the cleanroom environment is paramount to successful design and engineering of the cleanroom mechanical HVAC systems.

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   A detailed spreadsheet of process equipment, number of personnel, and all possible heat load gain per each cleanroom zone should be complied by the in house team so the mechanical HVAC design team will fully comprehend the loads, heat gain, and flow rates required to be designed into the systems.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems equipment and heat load analysis form can be found on our PDF downloads page, it is in the cleanroom basis of design download. It may be of assistance in listing and organizing process equipment per zone. With the process equipment and heat load analysis form a scale flow chart of all process equipment should be included to identify equipment placement which will be crucial to airflow and air change rate design. 

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