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Florida Cleanroom Systems Basis of Design
BOD Documentation and Organization

florida cleanroom systems 081    All cleanroom designs are collaborations of input from many individuals throughout the design process. Hours of design meetings and discussions on cleanroom theory will ultimately arrive at a solution for process success.

   To begin the procurement of equipment and construction design the final decisions on many variables have to be organized in some format that conveys the requirements to outside vendors and bidders in an organized and informative document, the cleanroom basis of design.

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   The cleanroom basis of design is not a official request for proposal that would specify exact scope, requirements, specifications, or attributes but
is a precursor that will allow the cleanroom design team to progress to  development of a request for proposal and conceptual design drawings to include exact scope and specifications for all prospective vendors and bidders to adhere and respond to.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems basis of design cleanroom planner list many items that may or not be a consideration for the size and type of final  cleanroom environment required by every specific process but is written and  structured to give prospective clients a perspective of what is available in the marketplace.

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   Final selections for process flow, personnel flow, airflow, cleanliness classifications, mechanical, electrical, process piping, structural, life safety, fire, and cleanroom zoning will derive from the cleanroom basis of design and be incorporated into a cleanroom request for proposal in much more detail.
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