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"Flexhead" Cleanroom Fire Sprinkler Systems
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   For over fourteen years, FlexHead Industries has protected the most sophisticated and volatile environments in the world: Class 1 cleanroom workspace and corrosive & combustible industrial exhaust ducts. The company's newest product line brings the same industry proven design, FM & UL Approval listings, rapid installation time and system versatility to all commercial suspended ceiling applications.


   In keeping with its forerunners, our Commercial Ceiling Sprinkler Connections deliver the same rapid installation, simple relocation, and feasible retro-fitting, only now available to the general construction industry. This Commercial connection is FM approved and UL Listed up to 300 psi working pressure. With any contractor-installed sprinkler head of choice, this pressure/leak tested, fully guaranteed system is available with 2', 3', 4', 5', or 6' hose lengths, making it perfect for any commercial application.


   FlexHead Industries remains singularly dedicated to manufacturing and distributing leading edge automatic flexible sprinkler connections allowing end-users, architects & engineers and contractors the ability to:


  • Reduce construction schedules to allow for rapid building occupancy.
  • Reconfigure sprinkler locations to code to accommodate changes in floor plan - without draining or disassembling hard pipe.
  • Retrofit within confined spaces in existing buildings quickly and easily with code compliant automatic sprinklers, while creating minimal impact to business operations.

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   Further designing for change Florida Cleanrooms Systems recommends Flexhead modular fire sprinkler solutions. Besides allowing for process equipment and cleanroom zone changes they offer additional cleanroom safety from accidental discharge when undergoing HEPA filtration changes or cleanroom ceiling reconfigurations.  

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