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Filtered or Non Filtered Pass Through Devices
Controlling Cross Contamination

florida cleanroom systems 061    Cross contamination, pressurization stability, and product integrity can greatly be enhanced by the addition of HEPA filtration systems to the pass through devices. Pulling treated particulate free air in from the cleanroom side of the pass through device and pressurizing the pass through interior with particulate free air can prohibit particulate intrusion into the cleanroom from outside ambient environments.

   Cross contamination protocols always should include HEPA filtration on all pass through devices along with mechanical or electromechanical interlocking devices when utilizing pass through devices between all   cleanroom process zones with different functions.

   HEPA filtered pass through devices come in wall mount, floor mount or custom sizes to accommodate most cleanroom carts or storage systems that need to transit between cleanroom zones.

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  Air showers and air tunnels can also be designed to accommodate specific transit devices and cleanroom personnel when transitioning between all cleanroom zones where cross contamination may pose a significant hazard to process operations.    

Cleanroom Pass Through Devices We Offer:

  • Nova Ply, Polycarbonate, High Pressure Laminate, Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical or Electromechanical Interlocking Door Devices
  • Wall Mount from 12" to 12" to 48" x 48" 
  • Floor Mount Cart Style
  • Static or HEPA Filtered 
  • Product or Personnel Air Showers
  • Product or Personnel Air Tunnels
  • Controls Devices

   Florida Cleanroom Systems can custom design and engineer all pass through, air showers, or air tunnels to meet specific process or product requirements for containment or prevention of cross contamination.

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