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Florida Building Commission
Development, Maintenance and Interpretation of the Florida Building Code

florida cleanroom systems 028   The Florida Building Code was authorized by the 1998 Florida Legislature to be the sole document incorporating all building standards adopted by all enforcement agencies and state agencies that license different types of facilities. This code was developed and will be, updated and maintained by a state commission whose goal the law directs to be the consistency of standards throughout the state and full accessibility to information on the standards. The law allows for differences in the standards in different locales based on compelling differences in physical conditions. However, it establishes procedures for administration of the Code at all levels that will constrain unwarranted differences and ensure the availability of information on local differences to all parties throughout the state and nation. The law established the Florida Building Commission as the body which is responsible for the development of the Code and the other elements of the system which support its implementation. The Commission has 23 members representing Engineers, Architect, Contractors, Building Owners and Insurers, State and Local Government and Persons with Disabilities.

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   The single statewide Code is the heart of the New Building Code system but it is just one component of an integrated approach to improving the safety and efficacy of the built environment in Florida. In addition to the Code, a networked education and training system and a uniform system for the approval of products statewide will be established for the first time. Also, procedures are established by law for appealing the validity of locally adopted amendments to the Code and local interpretations of the Code to the state Commission and for obtaining binding interpretations of the Code from the Commission. The purpose of these new systems and procedures is to generate consistency in requirements throughout the state. Consistency is necessary for achieving the level of knowledge and skill essential to good compliance with the Code.

   Local governments may amend the code no more than once each six months. However, any local amendment must address a unique local condition and be more stringent than the Florida Building Code. To ensure that the criteria is met, the issues of whether the amendment addresses a unique condition and is more stringent are appealable to the Florida Building Commission. All locally adopted amendments must be transmitted to the Florida Building Commission within 30 days of adoption. The Commission and each local government is responsible for keeping those amendments in a usable format. Adopted local amendments are repealed or incorporated into the code every three years, upon the updating of the Florida Building Code. Local amendments will apply to state or school district owned buildings, manufactured buildings approved by the Florida Building Commission, or prototype buildings approved by the Florida Building Commission. All proposed amendments to the code by either the Commission or a local government must contain a Fiscal Impact Statement.

Florida Statutes, Chapter 489, Licenses Required, 489.103, Exemption [7]

   License requirements do not apply to: Owners of property when acting as their own contractor and providing direct, onsite supervision themselves of all work not performed by licensed contractors:

  a) When building or improving farm outbuildings or one-family or two-family residences on such property for the occupancy or use of such owners and not offered for sale or lease, or building or improving commercial buildings, at a cost not to exceed $75,000, on such property for the occupancy or use of such owners and not offered for sale or lease. In an action brought under this part, proof of the sale or lease, or offering for sale or lease, of any such structure by the owner-builder within 1 year after completion of same creates a presumption that the construction was undertaken for purposes of sale or lease.

   The complete text and requirements for owner permits is available on our PDF downloads page.

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