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Florida Board of Pharmacy
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 florida cleanroom systems 018                   The Florida board of Pharmacy and Department of Health are currently adopting and updating the following standards in regard to pharmacies practicing USP 797 sterile compounding services.

 Standards of Practice for Compounding Sterile Preparations (CSPs).


The purpose of this section (64B16-27.797) is to assure positive patient outcomes through the provision of standards for

  • Pharmaceutical care
  • The preparation, labeling, and distribution of sterile pharmaceuticals by pharmacies, pursuant to or in anticipation of a prescription drug order.
  • Product quality and characteristics.



 Florida Cleanroom Systems 105shadow 

   These standards are intended to apply to all sterile pharmaceuticals, notwithstanding the location of the patient (e.g., home, hospital, nursing home, hospice, doctor’s office).

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