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(DIY) Cleanroom Do It Yourself FAQ
Do it Yourself Support 

florida cleanroom systems 087   Florida Cleanroom Systems manufactures or supplies all required cleanroom grade components required to install fully compliant ISO class cleanroom environments by the  utilization of your own in house labor and present facility contracting vendors. Modular components are supplied with full shop drawings and installation instructions for assembly by your in house maintenance personnel or labor and backed up with full telephone support available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm eastern time.

   Do it yourself installation of any modular cleanroom systems and  cleanroom grade components requires semi-skilled personnel with the abilities to read and comprehend typical construction drawings and detail drawings. Allowing for the learning curves and rework due to common mistakes may be more costly in the end than having skilled workers experienced in the systems provided. Frequently asked questions that have been received from many of our do it yourself clients are as follows:

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What tools are required for the installation of modular cleanroom systems or components?

Unloading and Staging:
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • 5000 Lb. Forklift with 8' Tang Extensions
  • Pallet Jack
  • Rolling Dollies
  • Fiberglass Tow Straps


  • Flat Pry Bars
  • Utility Knives
  • Claw Hammer


  • 4' and 2' Levels
  • Chalk Box and Line
  • 100' Roll String Line
  • Carpenters Square
  • Hammer Drill
  • Screw Gun
  • Small Electric Miter Box
  • Rubber Mallets
  • Anchoring Hardware

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How is my modular cleanroom delivered to my location?

 Modular cleanrooms are shipped as LTL freight via either 40' box trailers for dock height unloading or if requested flat bed trailers for unloading with out a dock. Please specify at time of order, we will recommend the best way possible for the size of the shipment and unloading.

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How long will it take to assemble our modular cleanroom?

   Typically you should allow 8 hours with 2 men for every 80 square feet of modular cleanroom structure. 80 square feet equals 2 men, 1 day, 800 square feet would equal 2 men 10 days.

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Are any specialized tools required for assembly?

Our installation crews travel nationwide with standard carpentry hand tools, levels, plumb lines, hammer drills, reciprocating saws, electric miter boxes, and personal safety protection. We often rent forklifts and scissor lifts at the clients location if required. Rentable tools that may speed the installation up include ceiling laser leveling devices. Sometimes there are change orders that may require the refabricating of components but we will rent what specialized tooling we may need to meet field conditions.

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Do modular cleanroom require building permits?

In our home state of Florida, yes, but building codes and local building departments vary on their interpretations nationwide for types of modular construction. If this is of a concern you should check with you local building department before ordering from any manufacturer.

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Should we install our flooring material before the installation of the modular cleanroom? 

No, cleanroom flooring systems may require a cove floor base that will need to roll up on the wall systems. Flooring already in place should be protected with a thin layer of luan plywood or thick cardboard while you work on assembling the modular cleanroom.

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How do we hook up the lights and HEPA filters?

The lights and HEPA filters are shipped in two different wiring scenarios, without the modular electrical packages you will need a local licensed electrician to pipe to each light and filter per the National Electrical Codes(NEC) in your local state. With the modular electrical package you will still need a local licensed electrician to connect the prewired circuit pigtails to the correct breakers in the panel specified on our drawings and validate the installation of the modular wiring systems.

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How do we balance our airflow to achieve compliant differential pressures between our cleanroom and change room?

   Magnahelic gages are included in the cleanroom package, once you have installed the gages you can adjust the rheostat on the ceiling HEPA filtration modules where the change room filters will run a bit slower than the cleanroom filters. Your can continue adjusting as needed to achieve at least a .02 difference in pressurization with the highest pressure being in the cleanroom and the lower pressure in the change room. The change room gage will still need to show adequate pressure over the ambient. Care must be taken as not to reduce airflow below compliant levels. If you are having your cleanroom NEBB certified for viable and non viable particulate counts your NEBB testing agent will most likely do this for you.           

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