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Direct Ducting or Plenum Airflow Distribution
Cleanroom Airflow Solutions

florida cleanroom systems 058    Cleanroom airflow and air change rates can be delivered and adjusted by several methods of air distribution systems engineering and design. Direct ducted, pressurized plenum supply, and plenum return can be single pass airflow or recirculating airflow systems. Cleanroom airflow distribution systems all have distinct control differences and control tolerances that will be experienced with their designs.

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    Direct ducted systems offer the highest environmental controls with the least amount of stratification of particulate, temperature, relative humidity and pressurization. They also by nature allow the least amount of air to be treated due to constraining the treated air volume into a ducted air distribution system.

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   Plenum supply systems allow the air space between the cleanroom ceiling systems and cleanroom roof panels to act as a mixing box and then either be pulled into the room by fan powered HEPA filtration modules or if a pressurized plenum system directly through static ceiling mounted HEPA filtration modules. They require a larger volume of cleanroom airflow to be treated and conditioned by the cleanroom air handling unit. 

   They can also be relied upon to pull cleanroom return air up through vertical chases into the plenum area. If designed correctly there can be a significant savings in metal work and construction cost when compared to a directly ducted air handling system. Mixing of the cleanroom air flows in the plenum chamber can lead to stratifications of temperature and relative humidity throughout the cleanroom environment and is not suited to close tolerance controls required by some processes. 

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Florida Cleanroom Systems HVAC Engineering Services:

  • Cleanroom Zone ISO Classifications
  • Air Flow Velocity / Changes per Hour
  • Laminar or Unidirectional Airflow
  • Temperature & Relative Humidity
  • Noise & Vibration Dampening
  • ESD - Electrostatic Discharge Levels
  • Cleanroom Zone Pressurization & Air Balance
  • CW - Chilled Water or DX - Direct Expansion Designs
  • Sustainability

   Designing and engineering the cleanroom air handling systems correctly the first time through is always less costly than attempting to repair an  incorrectly designed system or retrofitting a system after the fact. Air temperatures and relative humidity along with pressurization of the ambient air should be measured and documented over a twenty four hour timeframe. 

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