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Custom Cleanroom Request for Proposals(RFP)
Establishing an Request for Cleanroom Proposals

florida cleanroom systems 085    Florida Cleanroom Systems will furnish proposals on all cleanroom related supply and construction from individual components to full turn key design build proposals. Design build proposals may require on site visitations, surveys, and preliminary design meetings to finalize a cleanroom basis of design.

    Establishing an effective cleanroom construction request for proposal(RFP) involves providing accurate information to cleanroom constructors on process, construction details and variables, and required completion dates. This will ultimately allow the estimators to provide conceptual proposals that will meet the specifications and process requirements of the cleanroom environment. It will also allow a equal comparison, review, and analysis of the cleanroom proposals for final selection of the cleanroom contractor.

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   Most cleanroom construction firms provide a cleanroom planning guide or cleanroom basis of design guide to assist with the task of selecting specifications and providing information required to provide a conceptual design and estimate for the cleanroom construction.

   Typically, process flow charts, personnel schedules and process equipment heat load analysis reports along with existing facilities utilities and construction type is most often utilized by cleanroom construction estimators to arrive at a conceptual estimate of the ultimate cleanroom construction cost.

   Many firms will provide on site  consultation services consisting of on site evaluations and design meetings to determine the most value added solution and design theory to accommodate the specific cleanroom  process.          

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Cleanroom Request for Proposal(RFP) Services We Offer:
  • On Site Consultation, Site Analysis, and Project Scope to include Heat Load Analysis, Process Equipment List, Process Flow Charts.
  • Feasibility Report, to include estimated value added, life cycle, taxable status, permit cost, and depreciation report.  
  • Written Specifications for Cleanroom Equipment and Process Equipment, Regulatory Requirements.
  • AutoCAD Conceptual Drawings, Floor Plan, Equipment Plan, Elevation Plan, As  Builts of Existing Facility. Electronic File in .DWG and .PDF
  • Microsoft Project Preliminary Schedule of Events, Electronic Files in .MP and .PDF.
  • Survey of Existing Mechanical, Electrical, Sanitary Piping, Process Piping, Life Safety, Fire Controls, and Structural Systems.
  • RFP Cost Analysis Break Down Request, Previous Cleanroom Experience References Request, and Request for Value Engineered Suggestions.

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   A correctly designed, written and executed request for proposal(RFP) for cleanroom construction should allow you to to perform a fair and accurate analysis of each proposal returned for project cost per A/E, MEPS, fire and life safety, taxes and permits, scheduling, value added, and contractor cleanroom construction experience.   

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