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Commercial Facilities Manager FAQ
Maximizing Value Added to your Facility

florida cleanroom systems 086    Commercial building facilities managers contemplating the addition of a cleanroom environment into their facility face several considerations that will affect final cost and value added upon completion of the cleanroom build out.

   Commercial building specifically built for pharmaceutical, medical device, micro electronics, and cleanroom processes often time have capacities in their existing utilities structure that will assist in controlling cleanroom construction cost. Typical commercial buildings designed for most normal  commercial activities will be solely lacking in such utility capacity and may require upgrading mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, and fire alarm systems.

The following are some of the frequently asked questions proposed by many of the facility managers we have built cleanroom for. Should you have a question pertaining  to cleanroom construction methods or components please feel free to contact us. 

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Do Modular Cleanroom require permits?

   Modular construction is held to the same code compliances as required by conventional construction such as fire ratings, life safety, ADA, EPA,  electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and structural. Installing a Class A fire rated cleanroom structure into the middle of your facility when 1 hour fire rated construction is required can be a costly error. You also need to investigate your primary insurance supplier for your buildings as FM Global has limited products approved for modular cleanroom construction. Florida Cleanroom Systems can specify systems meeting local and FM approved construction requirements.

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Is modular cleanroom construction the least cost method?

   Several factors comprise the final cost of the cleanroom structural systems. Final finishes, doors, window, ceiling systems must be compared on quality of material, finish, maintenance requirements. Modular systems  advantages such as depreciation, relocatable, reconfigurable, must be factored in to fully realize the benefits and weighed against other factors such as freight cost, taxes, installation cost. Initial cost versus cost of ownership and maintenance are contributing factors when making this decision. Florida Cleanroom Systems offers unbiased cost analysis and evaluations per individual projects.

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Can modular cleanrooms and components be integrated into existing conventional cleanroom systems and construction?

   Yes, Florida Cleanroom Systems can design and build  hybrid cleanrooms by utilizing existing walls, overhead structural systems, or expansion of  existing cleanroom systems with minimum disruption to existing facility operations. Oftentimes this is the least cost method by utilizing as many of the existing features and services available. We can also offer clean build  expansions of existing cleanroom areas without affecting present cleanroom operations.    

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Can I rely on recirculating my ambient air supply?

  This depends on the ISO cleanliness classification of the cleanroom along with ambient conditions for temperature and relative humidity. You must also factor in number of personnel, heat loads from all process equipment within the cleanroom, and location of the cleanroom within your facility in relation to climatic changes throughout the day. It is best to record ambient conditions over a 24 hour span to see the increase or decrease in the ambient temperatures and relative humidity. Ambient recirculating cleanroom systems can typically operate at 7°F to 10°F over ambient without process equipment factored in.

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Can ISO Class cleanrooms be retrofitted around existing processes or  equipment?  

   Yes, this is the most costly construction due to off hours requirements, custom site fabrication of components to fit around existing equipment chases and utilities, and general pace that the construction must proceed to meet OSHA safety requirements. This also represents the highest damage risk to expensive process equipment  and if all possible should be avoided by relocation of all equipment till the cleanroom construction is completed.          

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Can new cleanroom controls and monitoring systems be integrated into our existing building management systems?

   Yes, most of the cleanroom control systems and monitoring systems Florida Cleanroom Systems utilize can accommodate relays and subpanels to seamlessly integrate in to most building management systems. Often times we can utilize your controls company as our subcontractor for the control systems.

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Our Safety Management Officer requires full compliance with all OSHA construction safety regulations while in our facility. Can you comply?

   Yes, from nuclear power plants to fortune 100 pharmaceutical, medical device and other high quality manufacturing facilities Florida Cleanroom Systems complies with all OSHA regulations for PPE, life safety, and safety training of all personnel under our supervision. daily safety orientation and training sessions are vigorously enforced for all personnel on the jobsite along with a first aid station with OSHO compliance manuals. 

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Florida Cleanroom Systems "One Source" Design Build Method:
  • Feasibility and Cost Analysis Studies
  • Building Codes and Regulatory Compliance Studies
  • Conceptual Design and Drawings
  • Final Design, Drawings, and Specifications
  • Materials Analysis, Selections, and Procurement
  • Subcontractor Selection and Contract Administration
  • Safety Plan Administration to OSHA Standards
  • Quality Controls and Assurances per DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ Protocols
  • Fast Track Project Scheduling and Management
  • Project Management per Installation Specifications
  • Close Out Inspections and Final Certifications or Building Commissioning per Agreed Specifications
  • Maintenance Programs Design and Implementation
  • Hurricane Preparedness Programs and Implementation

Florida Cleanroom Systems "One Source" Advantages:
  • Single Source Responsibility, minimizes meeting times and time interruptions to you and your personnel's schedule. Allows you to do what you do best while we do what we do best.
  • Quicker Design and Project Start Time, in accordance with all codes and regulatory standards. Actual construction can begin with primary design phases before completion of the secondary design phases and building department reviews.
  • Fast Track Construction Scheduling, integrating all construction processes under one team allows for time compression of all interrelated construction phases.
  • DQ, IQ, OQ,PQ, Quality Assurance, for all construction materials, equipment, and workmanship involved in all construction phases to be ISO, FDA, cGMP, USP-797 compliant.
  • Lower Construction Cost, than typically associated with design, bid, build construction scenarios.
  • Continuity,  the design-build team is involved from start to finish, which adds an inherent efficiency. The chance for things to fall through the cracks is greatly diminished.

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