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"CleanSolutions™" Cleanroom Infection Control
Cleanroom products managing mycoplasma infection

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   Akron is a leader in providing cleanroom products and in managing mycoplasma infection, offering the CleanSolutions and MycoSolutions range of products.


Mycoplasma infection can eradicate critical cell lines. Akron CleanSolutionsTM and MycoSolutionsTM products are at the forefront in preventing contamination and detecting and eliminating mycoplasma infection.


   CleanSolutionsTM is available as a hand sanitizer and as disinfecting wipes, and as a disinfecting spray for incubators, water baths, and laboratory work surfaces. The MycoSolutionsTM  PCR kit offers a quick, cost-effective, accurate way to monitor for mycoplasma infection. If infection is detected, use MycoSolutionsTM 1, 2, and 3.


   In addition to regular cleaning, we strongly recommend testing new cell lines entering the tissue culture facility. We further recommend monitoring for existing mycoplasma infection by testing cells in culture at least once a month.


   Don’t leave your laboratory unprotected. CleanSolutionsTM can help keep it free of environmental contaminants, and MycoSolutionsTM can help protect against mycoplasma infection.

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