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"Safe Build" Cleanroom Construction  Protocols
Promote Safety, Reduce Accidents, Reduce Cost

florida cleanroom systems 065  Cleanroom construction safety is no accident. Florida Cleanroom Systems actively maintains a in house safety program per OSHA requirements with ongoing safety training and monitoring administered by our onsite safety managers to assure compliance with all personnel, equipment, and equipment licensure of equipment operators.

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   Personal protective equipment, tooling inspections, equipment training and inspections, are all preformed on a daily basis with proper licensure inspections for fork lift, scissor lift, crane or heavy equipment operators that may be preforming construction tasks. Safe Build construction protocols cover all personnel whether client, contractor, subcontractors or in house personnel.     

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Safe Build Cleanroom Construction Services We Offer:
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Administration
  • Safety Inspections
  • Safety Logs  
  • Insurance Administration
  • Insurance Validations
  • Insurance Reports and Filings
  • First Aid Station

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  Florida Cleanroom Systems safety management system protects not only ourselves, but our clients from fines and penalties associated with sub par construction management resulting in frivilous injury and litigations.

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