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Cleanroom Monitoring Systems Advantages
Monitoring and Control for Compliance and Energy Efficiency

florida cleanroom systems 076   Cleanroom monitoring systems can be as simple as manual recording of differential pressures, temperature, relative humidity, and particulate counts or as dedicated as  wireless temperature monitoring systems delivering unparalleled accuracy, regulatory compliance and rock-solid audit trails.

   Increasingly, regulatory authorities demand more detail of the activities of any institution operating in the field of medicine, healthcare and clinical research for good reasons.  But the burden it places on valuable resources to monitor and maintain records that build an authoritative audit trail can be very cost-inefficient.


   Furthermore, the rising value of inventory in for example a cleanroom, hospital pharmacy, refrigerated warehousing, plasma centers or blood banks is such that a fail-safe system is needed to ensure that, even with perfect cleanroom monitoring systems in place, advance warning of any potential threats to the compliance of the inventory is flagged up as a matter of urgency to prevent unavoidable losses.



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   Compliance is not going to get any easier – and an automated cleanroom monitoring and alarming system is the long term answer in delivering the level of detail to provide a rock-solid audit trail and to prevent costly inventory loss.

   Tutela, an ISO9001:2008 company, we built a state of the art wireless cleanroom monitoring system specifically for the Cleanroom Sector from the ground up.

   The Tutela wireless cleanroom monitoring system was developed as a web-based technology as we recognized that this brings significant benefits to the cleanroom sector.

   Being in the cloud, there is no on-site PC hardware and software for our customers to manage/validate and, by utilizing our customer’s existing IT network infrastructure coupled with wireless sensing, local installation time and associated costs are massively reduced.

   Our customers love our web interface as it is truly intuitive and simple to use, needing minimal training and ensures that monitoring data is available anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web browser.

   Plus there are no hidden software upgrade fees.

   We offer a full end to end service that includes validation and DQ, IQ, OQ documentation.  With our highly secure website utilizing ‘HTTPS’ and encryption security protocols, Tutela is a truly paperless service and all electronic records fully comply with FDA 21 CFR part 11.

   At Tutela, we operate a 24/7 alarm bureau that ensures that any exception alarm is promptly delivered to our customer’s staff for action without misinterpretation.


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  Cleanroom energy efficiency can be greatly improved by monitoring of all cleanroom zones temperature, relative humidity, particulate levels per zone, differential pressurization, process equipment and all personnel movements to control the airflow, air change rates, motor speeds, temperature, relative humidity, and particulate levels in non occupied or operating zones of the cleanroom environment. A large savings resulting from maintaining cleanroom zones at rest versus running all equipment as operational 24/7  can be realized. Additional features, nighttime setback, holiday setback, and the precise monitoring of particulate levels increases these energy savings.  

Cleanroom Monitoring and Control Systems Design We Offer:
  • Monitoring for Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Monitoring for Energy Efficient Cleanroom Operations
  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Differential Pressurization
  • Particulate Levels and Concentration
  • Personnel Scheduling
  • Process Equipment
  • HVAC Equipment

   Florida Cleanroom monitoring for regulatory compliance and cleanroom energy efficiency can pay for itself in a number of years depending on the degrees and point of monitoring for cleanroom systems control. 

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