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Cleanroom Modular Wiring Systems Comparison
Reduce Initial and Future Construction Cost

florida cleanroom systems 46   AMPINNERGY modular power distribution solutions deliver power to cleanroom HEPA filtration modules, light fixtures, switches, conveniences outlets, and some process equipment and work stations.  These systems provide an optimal solution for the pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, microelectronic, or any cleanroom where flexibility and modularity are essential.

Cleanroom Modular Power Distribution Systems
  • AMPINNERGY Modular Power Systems provide a plug-and-play power solution for modular cleanroom applications
  • Modular power and data solutions invisibly extend services to cleanroom areas, including process equipment and work stations while allowing for additions of renovations of areas to be preformed with minimal disturbance to adjacent areas.
  • AMPINNERGY simplifies installation and reduces labor time by up to 70% as compared to hardwiring.
  • AMPINNERGY uses an oversized neutral for enhanced power quality.
  • AMPINNERGY system components are UL Listed, Compliant with the National Electrical Code (NEC), CSA Certified, and Compliant with the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).
  • System components available in 5-wire 3-1-1 (3 circuits, 1 shared neutral), 8-wire 4-2-2 (4 circuits, 1 shared neutral, 1 dedicated neutral), 8-wire 3-3-2 (3 circuits, 3 dedicated neutrals)
  • NM Cable Splices and Tap (Voltage rating: 300 VAC RMS/Current rating: 20 amperes) permanently interconnect 3.31 or 2.08 mm2 [12 and 14 AWG] circuits. They eliminate the need for junction boxes, covers, wire nuts, and box connectors.

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Cleanroom Modular Network Systems

   The AMP NETCONNECT MRJ21 Copper Cabling solution is a high-density, high performance, modular system that connects 24 twisted pairs (12 two-pair or 6 four-pair ports) in one click. Engineered to deliver Gigabit Ethernet ports, with or without power in a high-density package, MRJ21 offers an easy-to-install twenty-four pair cable and connector solution that supports all place-and-plug environments including data centers, zone-cabled offices and open office environments.

MRJ21 features factory-terminated, modular components that simplify connectivity and offer faster installation than standard 4-pair wiring systems, traditional epoxy/polish 9 MRJ21 Trunk Cable, RJ45 Patch Cord, MRJ21 48-port, 1U Angled Patch Panels, and RJ45 Patch Cord fiber installations straight or angled 1U patch panels. Plus, MRJ21 supports higher port density than alternative RJ45 interfaces and minimizes port cost for active equipment.

MRJ21 connectors can be plugged directly into electronic equipment with high-density interfaces, fixed-port straight or angled 1U patch panels.

  • Universal modular copper cabling platform
  • Supports high-density applications including 10/100/1000BASE-T (GbE) and POE up to 100m
  • Supports Gigabit Ethernet, VoIP, and Power over Ethernet
  • Small footprint minimizes rack and floor space requirements
  • High-density cabling reduces cable improves air circulation and equipment cooling in data centers
  • Requires approximately 30% less space than 4-pair cabling
  • Weighs 20% less than 4-pair cabling
  • Simplified field installation reduces on-site labor costs
  • Factory terminated and tested for reliability
  • Serialized cable assemblies and panels ensure quality

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Power Distribution and Network Services We Offer:
  • Modular Power and Network  Distribution Design and Engineering
  • Modular Power and Network Distribution Installation
  • Modular Power and Network Distribution Systems Modifications

   Florida Cleanroom Systems recommends modular power and network distribution systems  AMPINNERGY and AMP NETCONNECT for all modular cleanroom requirements for initial and future systems renovations. Both systems can be integrated into existing systems.
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