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Cleanroom Maintenance Scheduling
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florida cleanroom systems 28    The cleanroom is a regenerative environment. The cleanroom environment is under constant attack by potentially fatal contaminants generated by three major factors: the manufacturing processes that take place within the cleanroom, cleanroom personnel and the endless stream of equipment and materials brought into the cleanroom environment daily. Since particles, both viable and non viable can be generated within a cleanroom or can be introduced from the outside, the environment must continually be cleaned and maintained free of damaging particles to maintain the cleanliness levels needed to process products.

   Proper cleanroom maintenance is the cheapest and best insurance to protect the costly investment required for today`s state-of-the-art cleanroom. It requires a commitment from the CEO all the way down to the most recently hired cleanroom maintenance technician. It is everybody`s job, not just the responsibility of the maintenance crew.

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Cleanroom Maintenance Services We Offer:
  • Survey of HVAC equipment, including air handlers, exhaust systems, pumps, VAV boxes, dampers, coils, fans and motors, etc. and provide a written report of their condition along with recommendations for repair, maintenance.
  • NEBB certified testing, adjusting & balancing of your air and water systems. Using our calibrated equipment, we check and adjust your equipment for proper air distribution and water flow to insure that your cleanroom working as designed.
  •  USP 797 sterile testing and monitoring plans for your pharmacy, verify pressure differential, measure air exchanges, perform viable airborne particle testing, perform surface monitoring and analysis of bacteria and fungi, trend the data over time and make recommendations to correct any problems.
  • Cleanroom decontamination of organisms and microbes that may be present in a controlled environment and the proper use of biocides, disinfectants, and sporicidal agents for their control and elimination.
  • Renovation and repair of existing cleanroom structure to replace non compliant surfaces or damaged finishes exposing corrosion.  

   The key to providing maximum reliability with a minimum of shutdowns is a good preventive maintenance program. The first year of a clean room maintenance contract will usually reveal the personality of a particular building in both filter and equipment frequencies. Monitoring how dirty the pre-filters are during service, and the changes in magnehelic readings on the bag (or box) filter housings, will ultimately determine the actual frequency of the filter changes. In addition, working closely with the occupants of the clean room, as well as the facilities personnel, will help you discover the needed frequency of the equipment maintenance.

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