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Cleanroom Interlock Systems Advantages
Stop Cross Contamination Between Cleanroom Zones

florida cleanroom systems 079    Interlocking devices, alarms, and airlocks, predominantly employed at the main entrance of multi zone cleanroom environments are are conspicuously absent at entry and egress areas between zones typically relying on a single door system and pressurization to avoid cross contamination.

  The advantages of controlling cleanroom personnel movement between cleanroom zones containing critical process functions and preventing any contamination of a current process from a pervious or different process can outweigh the cost of additional interlocking devices and air lock entry and egress. Often time entering and egress a cleanroom zone through the same point may be in violation of regulatory standards on cleanroom operations or SOP's.

   Most sterile process operations require entry and egress through different points with gowning and de-gowning rooms at the entry and egress point to prevent contamination from entering the sterile cleanroom environment or any gowning garments from being reutilized for entry to the sterile cleanroom zone. Sterile cleanroom operations in larger cleanroom environments can be surrounded by non sterile production or packaging areas requiring the controls and monitoring of all personnel to prevent cross contamination between zones.

   Control of contamination from air flow, personnel, or product movement can only be defeated by interlocks, air locks and correct design on entry and egress change rooms.   

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Cleanroom Flow Design Services We Offer:
  • Cleanroom Process Flow Design for Prevention of Contamination
  • Cleanroom Personnel Flow Design for Prevention of Contamination
  • Entry Egress Design, Interlocks, and Alarms

   Design and engineering for process flow and personnel flow throughout the cleanroom environment can substantially reduce opportunities for particulate intrusion or cross contamination of products.

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