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Cleanroom (HVE) High Value Engineering
High Value Cleanroom Systems Engineering Solutions

   florida cleanroom systems 068                       High value engineering services by Florida Cleanroom Systems can result in higher values added to your facility and cleanroom environment. From process systems to air handling systems all offer opportunities for savings in controls, maintenance, and operating expenses if designed to correctly meet the process task or function.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems with over 25 years of cleanroom design build construction experience can value engineer your existing cleanroom design package or new design to offer significant cost savings while increasing vale added.   

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High Value Engineering Services We Offer:
  • Cleanroom Floor Plan and Space Allocation
  • Process Flow and Integration
  • Material Storage and Flow
  • Personnel Access and Egress Flow 
  • HVAC Distribution and Controls Systems
  • Electrical Systems Controls and Allocation
  • Process Piping Distribution Systems and Controls
  • Structural Design and Suspension Systems
  • Monitoring and Controls for Air, Gases, and Liquids
  • Operational and Maintenance Systems  

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  Though collaboration with our design team Florida Cleanroom Systems offers value engineered design solutions with an emphasis on space utilization, process flow, personnel flow and functions, and maximization of existing and new utilities and process piping systems.  

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