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Cleanroom Glazing Systems Comparison
Code Compliance, Clear View Cleanroom Solutions

florida cleanroom systems 32   Cleanroom glazing solutions for windows and doors can minimize labor cost for ongoing cleaning and maintenance requirements if properly selected for sterile or non sterile cleanroom environments. Correct glazing solutions can minimize cleaning solution, bioburden or particulate entrapment, or a  reconfiguration of cleanroom zones, and process functions in future requirements.  

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   Cleanroom glazing solutions should offer one side flush style glazing to the clean side of the window framing systems with options for vacuum sealed two sides flush installations. Anything other than a vacuum sealed glazing system must be easily cleanable on the interior surfaces if flush mounted to both sides of the window framing systems.

   Other than flush style glazing systems window may be centered in the frame but should have coved or beveled sill trim to mitigate particulate entrapment areas within the cleanroom environment. Framing systems should have some type of weep holes in the bottom frame member to allow cleaning solutions to dissipate without pooling in the gasketing channels or trim channels of the window frame sections.

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   Cleanroom glazing systems in doors or windows must meet the same fire rating and code compliance as the wall systems they are installed in. This usually requires the use of special frames and wire glass solutions to accommodate.

  Florida Cleanroom Systems offers cleanroom glazing solution for fifteen minute, one hour and two hour code compliance when fully integrated with fifteen minute, one hour or two hour modular cleanroom wall assemblies.
Cleanroom Glazing Systems We Offer:
  • Flush One Side
  • Flush Two Sides
  • Two Hour Fire Rated
  • 1/4" Tempered Safety Glass
  • 1/4" Laminated Wire Glass
  • 13/16"  up to 3" Insulated Vacuum Sealed
  • UV Tints
  • Interior Lever Blinds

   Florida Cleanroom Systems Velocity line of modular cleanroom systems cab accommodate specialty glazing with properties required by specific process or privacy requirements

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