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Cleanroom Flooring Systems Comparison
Bioburden, Static, and Contamination Controls 

florida cleanroom systems 075    Cleanrooms are categorized in various classifications that indicate how strictly they are regulated and the amount of particles allowed per cubic meter. Flooring in your cleanroom is very important, as this is a potential place for contaminates to settle or collect. Cleanroom  floors are required to be easily cleaned as well as maintain a classic and professional look.

  Cleanroom flooring systems, appropriately specified and installed, serve to mitigate electrostatic charges, microbial organisms, and maintenance requirements. They offer high quality and consistent performance. The products specified for clean rooms should be poured seamless in nature, zero VOC and highly durable to repel particulate entrapment and avoid shredding cleanroom type shoe covers. The selection of a cleanroom flooring system is particularly important because of its greater susceptibility to contamination compared to ceiling and walls.

   Particulate entrapment on flooring systems can quickly be infused into the air handling system through low level returns to cause premature loading of expensive HEPA filtration systems. Depending on design and use, clean room flooring can have a variety of features: electrostatic dissipative qualities; biocides to help control microbial growth within the flooring; and resistance to damage from certain kinds of spilled chemicals. The high gloss, joint-free finish of  floor coatings eliminates the cracks and crevices that harbor dirt and dust, making the floors dust-free as well as being easy to clean and decontaminate.

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   Vinyl composition tile(VCT) can be utilized in lower classifications of micro electronic cleanrooms and some non sterile cleanroom operations in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. It is typically seen in non sterile product packaging areas.

   Sterile cleanroom environments, higher classifications of microelectronics cleanrooms, and all cleanrooms where particulate entrapment, bioburden build up or cross contamination between products should utilize seamless flooring systems such as a broadcast epoxy resin or welded seam resilient floor products and sheet vinyl that that can have all seams heat welded into a seamless flooring installation.

   While there are no standards or regulations addressing the color of the cleanroom flooring systems colors that will expose excessive build up of any particulate matter seem to be the preference. Patterns in flooring materials can make it difficult to find small parts that are dropped.

   Multicolor applications of cleanroom flooring materials whether epoxy or vinyl are commonly laid out to designate traffic areas, clean side and dirty side of change room environments and hazardous locations around process areas or electrical service rooms.

   The most common mistake made with cleanroom flooring is the addition of a textured vinyl or the installation of sand impregnated materials as a non slip safety device. All cleanroom flooring installations should be of a smooth high gloss finish. Non slip shoe covers should always be utilized as a slip and fall safety device. 

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Cleanroom Flooring Product and Services We Offer:
  • Vinyl Composition Tile(VCT) Flooring Systems
  • Welded Seam Vinyl with Integral Cove Bases
  • Epoxy, Polypropylene, or Acrylic Flooring Systems  
  • Perforated or Solid Raised Flooring Systems
  • Electrostatic Dissipative Flooring Systems
  • Existing Floor Removal, Preparation,  and Sealing
  • Installation and Modifications

   Florida Cleanroom Systems recommends Armstrong and Arcoat flooring products for cleanroom installations

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