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Cleanroom "Fast Track" Project Management
Duration Compression Techniques to Shorten the Project Schedule

florida cleanroom systems 066  Florida Cleanroom Systems fast track project management and scheduling serve to decrease cleanroom construction time by compressing and overlapping critical cleanroom construction phases to minimize the overall cleanroom construction schedule.

   Fast-tracking always involves risk that could lead to increased cost and some rework later. The knowledge of were and when to apply fast track techniques can result in significant cost and scheduling reductions. Florida Cleanroom Systems applies fast track project scheduling techniques to areas that will harvest the most benefit while minimizing any risk or reworking.

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Fast Track Project Management Services We Offer:
  • Phased Building Department Submittals
  • Project Scheduling Compression
  • Sequential Parallel Scheduling  
  • Project Resource Management 
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Project Crashing

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   All cleanroom construction phases can typically benefit from review and compression of lead times and scheduling when properly implemented to reduce overall construction time while minimizing any rework that may be caused by accelerated construction scheduling. 

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