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Cleanroom Design Build Lead Times
Allowing Adequate Time to Come Online

florida cleanroom systems 084    Determining cleanroom procurements or design build scheduling lead times may be as simple as the lead time required for  manufacturing and transit time from a single manufacturer or as complex as the scheduling events of many variables from the preliminary design and reviews  to final validation and certification of all cleanroom systems.

  Design build construction methods will greatly reduce cleanroom construction scheduling with fast track design and construction methods compressing the cleanroom construction schedule to two thirds of the required scheduling for design bid build construction methods.    

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Variables for Cleanroom Design Build Lead Times:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Design and Engineering
  • Preliminary Design and Engineering Reviews
  • Final Design and Engineering
  • Final Design and Engineering Reviews
  • Regulatory Compliance Reviews
  • Final Signed Design and Engineering Approvals
  • Municipality Submittals for Reviews and Comments
  • Fire Department Submittals for Reviews and Comments
  • EPA Submittal and Reviews for Comments
  • Reply to Code Compliance Comments
  • Final Approvals, Design, Engineering, Compliance
  • Construction Bid Process Primary Contractor
  • Bid Reviews and Primary Contractor Selection
  • Construction Bid Process Subcontractors
  • Final Review and Subcontractor Selection
  • Construction Start
  • Cleanroom Materials and Equipment Procurement(DQ)
  • Cleanroom Materials Receiving, Inspections, Approvals(IQ)
  • Cleanroom Material Installations(OQ)
  • Clean Build Construction Inspections and Approvals
  • Preliminary Cleanroom Start Ups 
  • Cleanroom Process Equipment Installations(IQ, OQ)
  • Municipally Inspections and Approvals
  • Cleanroom Final Validations(OQ, PQ) Regulatory Compliances
  • Cleanroom Commissioning, Certifications, Operational Start Up

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   Though all the variables above may or may not be required by your cleanroom construction process appropriate project scope, design and engineering, project management, quality assurance controls, and final validations and certifications will assure that your process functions and protocols will operate in a regulatory compliant cleanroom environment.

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