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Cleanroom Design Build Budgetary Cost
Selecting the Cleanroom Method of Construction

florida cleanroom systems 083   The design and construction of a modern, regulatory-compliant, and efficient cleanroom requires the thorough consideration of numerous elements, including budget, administration support, design and construction options, the use of consultants and vendors, as well as regulatory requirements.

   Florida Cleanroom Systems practices three basic cost methods of estimating and determining final cleanroom construction cost. Each method appropriately calculates project cost based on the levels of risk associated with each method of construction.

Design / Bid / Build
  Cleanroom design bid build is the most common cleanroom construction process known to owners and contractors. It is also the lengthiest of the construction processes due to the time required for the bid submittal process and time required for request for information(RFI) from all bidding subcontractors to be processed and posted. It can also be the most costliest process of cleanroom construction as all risk is assumed by the A/E, general contractor and subcontractors and pricing is appropriate to include such risk. It is not unusual to have a project fully redesigned or value engineered after numerous attempts to secure construction pricing when all bids returned are over the cleanroom budgetary requirements.

Design / Build
   Cleanroom design build is the quickest cleanroom construction process with a fixed cost determined by the cleanroom design build firm up front.  It also allows for the owner to have a one source point of contact which will minimize any misunderstandings on the cost, scope, specifications, or materials to be utilized during the cleanroom construction process. It is most commonly combined with fast track project management practices to deliver a completed project with minimum time and maximum value added.

Design / CM

  Cleanroom design construction management allows the cleanroom construction to be directly under the control of the owner with the cleanroom construction firm acting as project managers only. The owner negotiates directly with all bidders. As with design bid build it to can be a lengthy construction process due to negotiations with subcontractors consuming great deals of time. 

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Cleanroom Budgetary Construction Cost Variables:
  • Preliminary Planning Feasibility Studies
  • Architectural Engineering(A/E), (MEPS), (FA), (EPA)
  • Codes and Regulatory Compliances(FDA), (USP),
  • Square Footage
  • ISO Classification per ISO 14644
  • Sterile, Non Sterile Construction
  • Method of Construction
  • Quality Assurance(DQ,IQ,OQ,PQ)
  • Commissioning, Validation, Certification

   The minimum cost cleanroom with the maximum value added will be determined by the correct methodologies employed throughout the design and construction process with effective solutions based on a complete analysis of building codes, process requirements, regulatory compliance, and final operational requirements.   

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