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"CleanBuild" Cleanroom Construction Protocols
Start Clean, Stay Clean, Finish Clean Construction Stages

florida cleanroom systems 011   Cleanroom construction demands particulate control well before the final startup and certifications stages of any cleanroom construction or renovation project. From the  materials receiving to initial preparation of the cleanroom construction area clean build protocols for various stages of cleanroom construction must be put into effect. An example of Florida Cleanroom Systems basic clean build protocols may be down loaded from our PDF downloads page.

   A clean zone construction area will be designated as such with barrier walls and positive or negative pressure devices deployed to prevent any contamination from entering the designated clean zone construction areas. Increased stages of protocols will be employed during key stages of cleanroom construction to prevent personnel or ongoing construction processes from contaminating previous in place construction components. 

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Basic Clean Build Construction Phases:

Cleanroom Construction Phase I
  • Pre-Construction Isolation
  • Floor Drains Sanitary Systems
  • Materials Receiving and Inspection 

   Cleanroom Construction Phase II
  • Structural Wall Systems
  • Mechanical HVAC Distribution Systems
  • Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Process Piping Systems

   Cleanroom Construction Phase III
  • Structural Ceiling Systems
  • Cleanroom Control and Monitoring Systems
  • Flooring Systems
  • Cleanroom Systems Integrity Validation  

   Cleanroom Construction Phase IV
  • Cleanroom Certification As Built
  • Process Equipment Installation
  • Cleanroom Certification At Rest

   Cleanroom Construction Phase V
  • Cleanroom Process Equipment and Inventory Receiving
  • Cleanroom Process Equipment Installation
  • Final Validations and Certifications  
  • Cleanroom Certification Operational 

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   There is no hard set rule as to the protocols or number of phases to a clean build construction protocol. Cleanroom clean build construction phases must be balanced between the construction schedule and budget as not to unreasonably impede construction progress but still maintain acceptable particulate levels during the construction processes to limit particulate intrusion or entrapment in previous or ongoing cleanroom construction processes. Hand particulate counters may be employed during each construction process or stage to test for actual particulate levels. 

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