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Cleanroom Ceiling Systems Comparison
Control Pressurization, Particulate Intrusion and Contamination

florida cleanroom systems 074   The primary requirements for any cleanroom ceiling system is to preserve pressurization of the cleanroom interiors and avoid leakage of costly treated air into non essential areas. Cleanroom ceiling integrity can be closely monitored by the appearance of an extraordinary event such as a sudden and abrupt loss of pressurization.

   Steel, aluminum, and panelized cleanroom ceiling systems all have very distinct advantages and disadvantageous in initial cost, operational cost, integrity, and maintenance requirements.

   Enamel coated gasketed steel grid cleanroom ceiling systems offer the least initial cost but also have the highest maintenance and integrity issues due to the non structural nature of their engineering. Though commonly installed in both sterile and non sterile cleanroom applications they must be constantly   monitored and adjusted especially after regular cleanroom ceiling wipe down procedures when they must have the tile clips reset to assure pressurization preservation in all cleanroom zones. Whether pressure, alligator, or spring held,  the ceiling tile clips that are utilized can all be  loosened with normal cleanroom wipe down procedures.

   Same as any other steel cleanroom component they must have any field cut ends on cross tees or main tees recoated during the cleanroom ceiling installation phase to preserve corrosion resistance. Improper installation of the ceiling wire required for suspension of the grid will  lead to excess  stretching in the wire and deformations in the ceiling grid system. Any deformation of the grid will allow for pressurization loss, particulate intrusion, and contamination of the cleanroom zone.

   Powdercoated aluminum gasketed aluminum cleanroom ceiling grid systems will not generate the rust particulates and discoloration that can be experienced with steel systems. The thickness of the aluminum extrusions and use of mechanical fastening hardware offers a more structurally robust cleanroom ceiling system better able to withstand repeated wipe downs. They are available with either wire suspended or rod suspended suspension systems. Some ceiling grid  manufacturers do not recommend the use of wire suspended 15/16" grid systems, whether aluminum or steel, with fan powered HEPA filtration modules due to the non structural nature of their engineering and the possibility of deformation due to the weight of the fan powered HEPA filtration units. Fan Powdered HEPA filtration units should always be suspended with threaded rod whether utilized in a wire suspended or rod suspended cleanroom ceiling system.

   Powdercoated aluminum cleanroom ceiling grid systems are available in 15/16", 1 1/2", and 2" widths with options for height that will allow for walkable systems, integrated lighting systems, integrated wet sprinkler systems, and gel seal systems. Gel seal systems are superior to all gasket seal systems for pressurization and contamination control but must be utilized with specific knife edge lighting fixtures and fan powered or static terminal end HEPA filtration modules.

   Cleanroom ceiling tiles can be steel faced, aluminum faced, vinyl faced, PVC faced, or FRP faced and are available in a thicknesses from 1/4" up to 2" to work with the various cleanroom gasketed ceiling grid systems. Care must be taken when specifying to assure the correct thickness of tile is matched to the hold down clip systems.                        

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   Panelized aluminum floating gasketed cleanroom ceiling grid systems minimize joints by suspending 10' long aluminum panels from a threaded rod suspension system to allow for a walkable cleanroom ceiling system. This allowing maintenance personnel to directly access HEPA filters, light fixtures, and mechanical equipment without the requirement to enter the cleanroom environment. They also, with extruded aluminum frames for housing the cleanroom lighting and HEPA filters, allow for a fully flush cleanroom ceiling system mitigating any accumulation of bioburden, particulate, or cleaning solutions. They offer the highest integrity of any modular relocatable cleanroom ceiling system to contain pressurization, and prevent particulate intrusion or contamination.

  Seamless suspended epoxy resin or welded vinyl cleanroom ceiling systems are typically utilized with conventional cleanroom construction to offer a fully seamless and coved ceiling system bonded to cleanroom lighting fixtures and HEPA filtration modules housing. This system typically employs rod suspended cat walks above for access to cleanroom lighting fixtures, HEPA filtration modules and mechanical equipment by cleanroom maintenance personnel. With both seamless and panelized cleanroom ceiling systems specialty light fixtures and HEPA filtration modules with top access must be utilized.      

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Cleanroom Ceiling Systems We Offer:
  • 15/16", 1 1/2", Steel Gasketed Cleanroom Ceiling Systems
  • 15/16", 1 1/2", 2', Aluminum Gasketed Cleanroom Ceiling Systems  
  • Walkable Cleanroom Ceiling Systems
  • Panelized Cleanroom Ceiling Systems
  • Seamless Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

   Florida Cleanroom Systems supplies, installs, and services cleanroom ceiling systems to assure compliance with FDA, cGMP, USP - 797 and USDA regulatory standards.  

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