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Cleanroom Alarm Systems Advantages
Critical Notification of Extraordinary Events

florida cleanroom systems 078   Centralized cleanroom alarm systems with audible and visual alerts, integrated into the cleanroom monitoring and controls systems can notify or start corrective actions to minimize any loss of product or process operations due to contamination by extraordinary events that may take place during cleanroom production cycles. Redundant air handling systems, filtration systems, refrigeration systems and can be controlled to start up upon notifications of a failure in the primary systems. Centralized control systems with point of operation warning devices can notify operators of particulate levels, pressurization loss, air flow interruption and other contamination risk events.

   Process equipment requiring pressurized process gas or fluids can be monitored for interruptions in flow rates, pressurization, electrical fluctuations and be immediately shut down or transferred to back up lines and power.  

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   HVAC air handling units and air distribution systems can be monitored and alarmed to notify of any fluctuation of loss of pressurization in the air distribution systems stoping any channel for contamination of the cleanroom zone or cross contamination between zones.

   Personnel movement or SOP violations can be controlled by audible and visual alarms on all cleanroom zone entry an egress systems to assure compliance with SOP's on entry or egress to sterile zone from non sterile zones with assurances that proper protocols are being followed while transitioning between zones. Personnel movements in cleanroom environments can be the largest source of cross contamination between process lines or mixing rooms. Removing the human factor from the SOP can greatly reduce infractions.          

Cleanroom Controls and Alarm Devices We Offer:

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  • Centralized CCTV, and Audible Visual Alarm Systems
  • Interlock Control Devices, Centralized Access Control
  • Centralized Monitoring and Alarm Systems to Security Desk 
  • Centralized Computer Control of all Entry Egress Systems

   By removing the human factor from the entry, egress, and monitoring functions of the cleanroom environment, and employing automatic controls and warning devices,  will minimize violations of SOP's and protocols put in place to prevent contamination.
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