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"AMP®" Cleanroom Modular Electrical Systems
Facilitating Changes without Interruptions

florida cleanroom systems 035   Allowing for process changes before they occur can minimize cleanroom operational cost in the future. The AMPINNERGY Modular Distribution System is a bi–directional 5– or 8–wire power distribution system rated at 20 A per circuit and 125/250 Vac. The system is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) under UL Standard 183, File Number E132626 as a manufactured wiring system. The system has the capability of providing electrical power in modular office panels, under access or raised floors, in the environmental air space above ceilings, and other accessible and dry locations as allowed by Article 604 of the National Electrical Code.

   The system is designed so that the removal and relocation of individual electrical devices may be accomplished without a major interruption in operation to other electrical devices and/or lighting fixtures. Because it is designed for optimum wiring requirements, the system addresses both 5–wire/3–circuit and 8–wire/4–circuit needs. The 8–wire configuration has a separate neutral and isolated ground for equipment sensitive to power line noise and for use with separate power distribution systems.

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"Velocity™" Cleanroom Modular Electrical Systems :
  • Lighting Systems 120v or 277v
  • Convenience Outlets 120v or 208v  
  • Process Electrical Supply 12v, 208, 480v 
  • Fan Powered HEPA Filtration Modules 120v, 277v 
  • Low Voltage Systems 12v, 24v  

   Velocity cleanrooms are available with either standard electrical chases consisting of the box and pipe to ceiling height only,  for final wiring by your electrician, or AMPINNERGY modular electrical systems and AMP NETCONNECT low voltage network systems. Significant cost savings can be realized on the initial build out and future renovation of any modular cleanroom system.

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