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"AMPĀ®" Cleanroom Modular Network Cabling
Building for Change

florida cleanroom systems 036    Whatever your needs, AMP NETCONNECT has a cabling system to meet them. Each system can be supplied in its entirety, including all of the cabling and hardware required to run your chosen technologies, from 10GBaseT (Ten Gigabit Ethernet) to simple legacy 10 Mb/s Ethernet.

   AMP NETCONNECT cabling systems serve installations of all sizes, from a small number of users within a single building to campus-wide networks with a 3km diameter or a 1 million square meter area and 50000 users. Importantly, every system we produce is designed to work as a complete end-to-end infrastructure (we test all its components together to assure you of peak performance every time).

   Even more importantly, every AMP NETCONNECT end-to-end cabling system is application independent, adhering to all relevant ISO/IEC European and/or US standards and supporting all media types, interconnecting options and building environments.

Key Facts:
  • Class D/Cat 5, Class E/Cat 6 systems
  • Suitable for Office, SoHo and harsh environments
  • Meets all global standards such as ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173-x, 50174-x, TIA/EIA 568 standards
  • Supports all current services like: Ethernet, Analogue telephony, ISDN, V24, CATV
  • 25 years global warranty
  • Fits to all major faceplates and installation environments

How it Works: 
  • Cables will be installed and routed.
  • The innovative SL is an all-round tool for termination and preparation of the cable.
  • The cables get prepared with the tool.
  • The jack termination process is straightforward and is one of the fastest in the market. The tool contains a special blade for cutting PiMF cables. This allows nearly the same time as for UTP jacks.
  • After dressing the wires into the tool lacing fixture, the two connector parts are located into the tool, and in one motion the pairs are terminated and cut. Total Installation time takes approximately 1-2 minutes.

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   Florida Cleanroom Systems Velocity cleanrooms can come completely pre-wired for your networking requirements while anticipating cleanroom process changes and future renovations.

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