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Ambient or Dedicated Cooling Systems
Temperature, Relative Humidity Controls

florida cleanroom systems 063    Cleanrooms without a dedicated air handling system, engineered to handle the operational variables of the environment are typically defined as ambient recirculating cleanrooms. Ambient recirculating cleanrooms depend on existing conditioned air pushed through the enclosure by fan powered HEPA or ULPA filters and are typically installed in facilities that the existing HVAC mechanical systems are pre-engineered to accept the additional heat loads from the cleanroom environment.

    Cleanroom relying on ambient air supplies in most commercial facilities to control temperature and relative humidity can experience temperatures 7° F to 10° F higher than the ambient air supply. Relative humidity is greatly affected by the number of personnel operating in the cleanroom. It is not unusual to have humidity ranges from 55% to 80% .

    High heat and humidity in cleanroom environments will always lead to excessive bioburden, corrosion of components, and operator fatigue. All are an avenue for disastrous results if undertaking a sterile process such as compounding or packaging.

   Air handling systems can always be added to ambient recirculating or single pass cleanrooms but it is typically 20% to 40% higher to retrofit a cooling system depending on the ISO Class, size and configuration of the cleanroom. Ceiling systems may need to be completely removed and replaced after air distribution systems are installed. The addition of low level return air plenums may be impossible to locate correctly with existing aisles, process, equipment, and room configuration.  It is always less expensive to install a correctly engineered cleanroom with a dedicated air handling system sized and engineered to the process heat loads and number of personnel than to retrofit after the fact.

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    Dedicated temperature and relative humidity control cleanroom air handling systems can de designed and engineered to meet all process requirements and operator comfort with a number of design solutions to keep them budget conscious while delivering high efficiency performance.

   Air distribution systems can be designed and engineered to minimize sheet metal and construction cost and maximize airflow and process heat load displacement while maintaining compliant particulate, temperature, relative humidity, and cleanroom zone pressurization.  

Florida Cleanroom Systems HVAC Engineering Services:
  • Cleanroom Zone ISO Classifications
  • Air Flow Velocity / Changes per Hour
  • Laminar or Unidirectional Airflow
  • Temperature & Relative Humidity
  • Noise & Vibration Dampening
  • ESD - Electrostatic Discharge Levels
  • Cleanroom Zone Pressurization & Air Balance
  • CW - Chilled Water or DX - Direct Expansion Designs
  • Sustainability

   Designing and engineering the cleanroom air handling systems correctly the first time through is always less costly than attempting to repair an  incorrectly designed system or retrofitting a system after the fact. Air temperatures and relative humidity along with pressurization of the ambient air should be measured and documented over a twenty four hour timeframe. 

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