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Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
Licensure and Regulation of Health Facilities

florida cleanroom systems 024   The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration was statutorily created by Chapter 20, Florida Statutes as the chief health policy and planning entity for the state. The Office of Plans and Construction is primarily responsible for ensuring that hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory surgical centers, and Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF/DD) are safe, functional, and provide safety-to-life for the patients and residents. 

   This Office reviews and approves facilities' plans and specifications and surveys their construction. These licensed health care facilities must notify the Office of Plans and Construction in writing at the address below before any equipment replacements, renovations, additions, or new facilities are created. Plans and specifications for such activities must be approved before any construction begins. Architects, engineers and other specially trained plans and construction personnel survey facilities under construction and, when necessary, write reports for required corrections to the construction before approval of the project is given.

See Information for Project Review below for more detailed instructions regarding the submissions of plans to this office. Please contact the Office of Plans and Construction Tallahassee office at (850) 412-4477 with any questions regarding project reviewability and submission.

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 Field Operations directs facility inspections, which evaluate factors such as:

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